When art, technology and light intersect…

Yam Couderc, designer decorator, Pierre Fossey, video mapping and scenic lighting artist, Fabien Santos Cessac, electronic engineer specialized in drone shows, are united by their thirst for creativity and joy in mixing/combining their know-how.

After many years spent in the events industry, their desire to materialise their ephemeral visual productions has come to life in these bright and dynamic light sculptures. The color and behavior of each model can be changed by the owner to fit their mood and desire.


We have created a collection of light sculptures around the theme of architecture with this first model: 20th FLOOR.

Each model is numbered and signed as part of a limited series. Our lamps are designed and manufactured in Bordeaux, France.

La cristallerie de Montbronn

Fypart.com luminaires connectes

Our collaboration with the Cristallerie de Montbronn, experts in crystal craftsmanship, has allowed us to create this unique light sculpture thanks to the unique properties of crystal.

The  refractive index of crystal being just under that of diamond allows it to diffuse light unlike any other material.

Thank you to Cristallerie de Montbronn for hosting us at the Maison et Objets trade show in Paris on the 17 to 21 January 2020 at their booth.

Noble rare materials

Thanks to a partnership with Essarbois, we offer more than 50 rare woods. Choose from a large color palette of natural wood, grains, singularities (flat cut / rift cut / quarter cut / false-quarter). All FYPART lamps are made from noble rare wood and we offer you the possibility of customizing your lamp.


Origin : Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay


Origin: Indonesia, Malaisia


Origin : Laos

Connected and interactive lighting

Each of 280 RGBW LEDs is individually controlled. The FYPART app offers a unique experience: choosing the atmosphere of your lighting from a vast panel of visual animations from soothing and calm, for when you get home from work, to lively and festive for parties and get-togethers.

In each mode, speed, brightness, and color control are adjustable via the app available on iOs and Android.

Is your lamp on a piece of furniture against a wall? You can activate the « WALL-LIGHT » mode and benefit from different animations on the two surfaces of the light sculpture.

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